This has got to be the most frequently requested review that you guys send me possibly the last six months, but maybe even further back than that, and i think it all comes down to the fact that this product has been hyped online loads of people are calling It the very best treatment and product for hyper pigmentation, discoloration and dark spots, so lets pick it apart. Ive used the product so im going to share my thoughts, feelings and results that i got from using it so sit back, relax and lets talk. The topicals faded discoloration serum now before we jump into this im, going to issue a little bit of a spoiler and say genuinely. I think this is the most effective hyperpigmentation and discoloration treatment that ive ever used. However, even with all of that praise, there are some things that you need to think about, so im going to break it down and talk about some of the pros of using the product, but also some of the cons that you might need to be aware of. In terms of the brand themselves, topicals were actually formulated just 12 months ago, like thats baffling, if you think, of the amount of hype theyve already generated. The founders are two women of color in their 20s, which i love because, often when we talk about discoloration treatment and exfoliation treatments, theyre often geared towards fairer and lighter skin tones and really out that applicable to the deeper dark and richer skin tones.

Because the founders, you know that this product is going to be suitable for all skin tones and lets be honest. We love an inclusive skin care product, so thats already a huge tick in the box for me, theyre also reasonably well priced in terms of the formulation im going to come on to later and entirely cruelty free. So i think that were off to a flying start when it comes to topicals as a brand themselves, but lets talk about their like original og hyped product, this faded, discoloration serum. This is a serum which is designed to tackle hyperpigmentation and excess pigment in the skin. It blends together so many active ingredients to really deliver a powerhouse product and its recommended for use every single day, as with all products, id probably say to introduce it gradually, maybe use every other day and then build up as your skin becomes more tolerant towards it. And gets used to the products, hyperpigmentation discoloration dark spots, whatever you want to call, it all originates from the same thing, which is the body producing too much melanin, which is the pigment that gives our skin its color and allowing it to pull in certain areas. This gives that uneven skin tone and complexion. That often we do see knocking our skin confidence and there are so many different ways you can treat this. You can either suppress the rate of melanin production in the skin, which means, as the skin naturally turns over and eradicates existing pigment youre, not replacing it in the same quantity.

You can also use ingredients that stop the pigment pooling so affect the distribution and transfer of that pigment, which means its more evenly spread and doesnt pool in those areas which often causes dark spots and localized hyperpigmentation. Thirdly, you can increase the rate of cellular turnover which allows the body to remove the pigment that has already been produced and pulled at a quicker rate and when youre not producing at the same level, youre eradicating it quicker. Overall, it will give a more bright and even out complexion. What is so special about the topicals faded discoloration serum is that it uses all three of these pathways for eliminating and tackling hyperpigmentation, which means youre getting a multi pronged attack on the excess pigment and just a really really powerful product. So should we first talk about the major major pro when it comes to this product, which is the ingredients and the way that theyre beautifully formulated together? So you have so many different ways that you can actually impact the rate of pigment production using ingredients. Topically applied to the skin and theres, so many in this im actually going to leave in the description box below a full list of the active ingredients and beside them how they work. If you do want some more information check below and while youre down there, dont forget to give this video a little bit of a thumbs up, and i like to support the channel. But talking about the major ingredients.

Here weve got five percent concentration of azelaic acid, which i love honestly azelaic acid is my favorite ingredient in skincare at the moment, and i captured all the reasons why, in a recent video that ill link up there, five percent concentration is a great starter concentration because Youll get all the benefits without some of the tingling, the prickling that you can get with a higher strength, azelaic acid. Over time. Azelaic acid suppresses the rate of pigment production in the skin, which allows us to have a more even complexion and will reduce some of the hyperpigmentation there. You also get a 5 rate of tran examic acid again. Tranexamic acid, when paired with azelaic acid, are like two best friends. It works in a very similar way, but again its compatible with all skin types, which means you can dial back the rate of pigment production and so, as you eradicate that pigment, its not been produced in the same rate, which gives more brightening and even complexion. Tranexamic acid, again in a five percent concentration is where you really want it to be in order to get the maximum benefits without some of the side effects that can come with higher concentrations, then you come into the niacinamide, which is in a five percent concentration. This is the perfect concentration for niacinamide, because often we see in higher concentrations which could cause irritation redness inflammation in the skin. None of the things you want. Studies actually showed that nice thing about in a five percent concentration.

Is that sweet spot where you get the maximum benefits with minimal side effects? Niacinamide actually just impacts the distribution of pigment, so it stops it being transported and allowed to pull in certain areas, which means its all evenly distributed across the skin, giving us a more even complexion and helps to tackle the dark spots specifically and that localized hyperpigmentation niacinamide Is great, especially in this concentration beyond just that, youve got a 1.5 concentration of alpha albuten, which is a precursor to um hydroquinone, much more gentle and again, a great brightening element. Youve got kojic acid, which is fantastic again, suppressing the rate of pigment production, but also increasing the rate of cellular turnover, which is where i said you can eradicate the pigment quicker dont produce it, replace it in the same volume and thatll help to eradicate some hyperpigmentation And localize discoloration again, kojic acid is so so great its in a very stable form in this product, which means that it will keep its potency throughout the life not diminish as the products opened and used over a period of months. Also in here got some melatonin, which im going to come on to later in. The video which is studies have shown, is great at just evening out the complexion and tackling some of the excess pigment production and also shea butter. Now the reason im calling shea butter out is, whilst it doesnt, have an impact on and pigment production. Specifically it also hydrates.

It offsets some of the dryness that you could get from some of these ingredients and youll also be able to calm and soothe the skin. Using this product see what i mean when i say its packed full, but also beautifully formulated to offset some of the sensitivity and irritation that you could get from just using these ingredients as standalone. I cant do justice this product by mentioning all the ingredients so check that description box below where ive listed them all out and youll, see what each individual one does beyond just the ingredients and also the base formulation to suppress some irritation. Another big pro when it comes to this product is its formulated beautifully for people suffering with acne. Often one of the biggest triggers of hyperpigmentation and dark spots is acne. Are those marks that scar as they just dont fade properly? This also has sulfur in it, which, whilst i will call it out, giving a slightly eggy smell to the overall serum sulfurs great at calming and soothing, but also mopping up any excess oil and just really helping to suppress acne causing bacteria. I think sulfur is one of my number one best friends when it comes to my own adult acne and its great to see it in this product, because, whilst if you dont have acne, it will have some karmic and soothing benefits. If you do, it just means that this serum wont break, you out, wont, increase the instances of your flare ups and your breakouts, but it will just help to dial back any acne and stop the cause of that hyperpigmentation in its tracks, such a great bonus.

Now i said i used this product on my own skin for around two months, which is how long a tube lasts. For me, i wasnt able to repurchase it because it is super difficult to get outside of the united states and canada. However, that is changing and topicals have said that they are going to go globally towards the end of this month and september. So if you do want to get your hands on this, you havent got too long to wait. So the major con for me is the lack of availability across the globe outside of the north american market, but hopefully thatll be coming in a couple of months time and we wont have long to wait. Another con i do want to call out is that scent? So the sofa, i think, is fantastic and i wouldnt want to see it formulated without it, but it does give a slight eggy scent to the overall product because i havent offset this with any artificial fragrance. I think thats great, because you know what we dont need: artificial fragrance in our serums in our creams, and so i think its really great that they havent formulated with that. But if you are someone thats, very much anti that eggy sulfur smell this, probably isnt going to be the product for you. The third and final con i want to call out on this product is that, whilst it didnt increase rate of sensitivity, redness or irritation in my very resilient skin, if you have a pre existing sensitivity or you have impaired, barrier function in the skin, be super super Cautious, when using this product, these are very high strength, powerful active ingredients and so just because its a very, very delicate cream.

Dont forget the potency that youre using here patch test thoroughly before you use it and introduce really gradually, because some of the ingredients here could trigger sensitivity if theyre not used carefully just with a little bit of caution at the start. So, overall, what were my experiences? I had a fantastic experience with this product. Honestly, it had such an impact on my discoloration and hyperpigmentation and, unlike some of my other favorite hyperpigmentation serums, such as the neodyre pigment, that i love and i taste honor power with this. In terms of effectiveness, you get more product and it is slightly cheaper, which means you can use it on the body. The neody pigment is much more of a spot treatment for hyperpigmentation, whereas this is an all over almost like treatment for the skin that you can use on the face, the body under the arms anywhere that you have discoloration. You can use this treatment and youll get so many great benefits like than the ovary pigment. Thats been my holy grail for so long. It has multiple pathways for tackling discoloration and hyperpigmentation, which is why i think its truly one of the most effective serums on the market. I would honestly recommend this product to everyone, especially if you feel that your skin confidence has been knocked by hyperpigmentation, discoloration or scarring. This could be a really really great way of tackling that its suitable for all skin tones, which i absolutely love, but when it comes to individual skin types, if you have very sensitive prone skin, i should be very cautious with the product start slowly patch test thoroughly And just introduce it with a degree of caution, so you minimize any sensitivity or irritation should never forget.

These are super powerful actives in this beautiful, beautiful formulation. Overall, i was really disappointed that i couldnt repurchase this i got it originally from nordstrom and which lasted me about two months, but then, when i went to buy it, they were out of stock, and that was the only place. I could find it internationally im going to be straight on purchasing this when its available here in the uk again in a couple of months time and honestly, its definitely worth the wait if youre looking for a couple of dupes in the meantime to kind of kick Start your hyperpigmentation journey definitely recommended the neody pigment which ill link below, but also try the transparent, lab pih dark spot corrector, which again is linked below as a european brand, which has a very similar formulation, maybe not quite as potent but is very, very similar and Available at a similar price point, so those have been my dupes for while we sit patiently to wait for this to be available here in the uk and in europe, wherever you are in the world, guys stay safe, stay. Well, i love your skin.