I am so excited about todays video because in it im going to be reviewing what is hopefully, the replacement concealer for our holy grail discontinued concealer, which was lancome mackie complete. So since that was discontinued a few months ago, i have been frantically trying all kinds of other concealers to find a replacement that would look good, conceal, dark circles and other discolorations under the eyes of more mature women who have like wrinkles and things under there. People of every age know that concealer just tends to settle in your creases and i loved mackie complete because it was hydrating. It had great coverage and it didnt settle in wrinkles, and that was awesome and then they discontinued it and we were all crushed and walking around with not great looking under eyes for a little while. Well, the new concealer from lancome is out its called lancome tint e dole ultra wear all over concealer retails for 29.43 ounces, and this comes in 20 shades. Now i looked it up on the lancome website and i was really happy to see that they had a mature model modeling the before and after on the concealer, and i was like yes lancome way to use someone who actually has wrinkles under their eyes to demonstrate Your lack of creasing in your concealer now were not just going to take the marketings word for it. Of course, we have to put it through the angie test, looking at it in lots of different lighting conditions, trying it with different application methods.

So what lancome says about this is that its a hydrating lightweight full coverage concealer that brightens dark under eyes and covers imperfections without creasing or caking. The packaging is nice. The doe foot is one of those larger oversized dough feet. So ive worn this three or four times i recorded two days, one of them i recorded on my phone for instagram, the other one i recorded here in this filming space. Then i also recorded myself applying it this morning and were going to put it through a 10 hour wear test today. All right so today were going to try out the lancome tint a dole, ultra wear concealer again ive been layering it because i didnt feel like i was getting like super full coverage out of it before so im, just gon na dot it right under my eyes. You know i use the least amount that i can get away with using. I thought i would apply with a brush today. I dont usually use a brush to apply my concealer. I usually use my fingers but im going to try it on this side anyway. This is the it cosmetics, heavenly luxe brush, just because ive applied it with my fingers every other time. So this time i want to go ahead and just try it with a brush and see how it blends in with a brush. I havent used a sponge. I dont normally use a sponge when im applying concealer the coverage looks really nice.

Let me just take a look at it in my 10x mirror. Oh, my goodness that looks beautiful holy cow is that ever smooth and gorgeous whoa? Okay, yes, love it! Look at this smooth, beautiful coverage, holy cow check that out. Okay, look at this look at look at the comparison. Well, that was really perfect. The previous time i had built it up a little bit. I feel like this is better just going right from the doe foot rather than building it up. I am just going to go ahead and use my finger to do it this time. All right, this side also looks fantastic, so you can apply this with your fingers or with a brush. It looks great either way, really smooth, really beautiful coverage really kind of digging it look now that eye has nice beautiful coverage as well. Yesterday, it performed much better when it was set with the setting powder, so im going to go ahead and set both eyes today, the side with the setting powder looks way better than the side. Without the setting powder. The side without is a little bit worn off and a little bit creased and a little bit settled in the wrinkles. But this is the eye with the setting powder and doesnt that look so good for eight hours, like virtually no creasing, hardly anywhere still looks good. Still looks in place, especially from a distance, it looks really good. Um. This side is a little bit more creased a little bit more worn off, but its not terrible.

For you know eight hours with no setting powder, it actually looks pretty darn good. I dont use a lot. I just dip. My brush in this one has that nice little screen in there and you can tap it right back off in there and then i just press and i make sure that i dont press inward. I press kind of pressing pulling outward a little bit and that way i dont press wrinkles into my concealer all right. Well so far, i think that looks perfect. So today, im just going to be recording the intro and the outro of this video and im going to be doing an another, eight or ten hour wear test on the concealer today. But its going to be kind of a rough day for the concealer, because its hot today 84 degrees is gon na, be an outdoor sweaty test for this concealer. Today, im going to be changing my clothes and unpacking some stuff ive got to clean out one bay of my garage clean, my car. So i am going to finish my makeup record. The intro then go and do that stuff and ill be back for a five hour check in so i will see you soon. Okay, yeah ive been waiting for the sun to come out so that i could do a check in on the concealer today. Um sun is right up there so hard to see. Let me bring the camera in and ill try to open my eyes a little bit, so you can see the concealer all right, hello, im back.

It is time for the five hour check in they changed. My clothes went out and worked in the garden worked in the garage washed. My car did a whole bunch of other stuff, took the dogs for a walk and now were gon na check in on the concealer. My makeup has been put through the paces, its hot out today, its 85 and about 95 humidity, so um, the kind of day where your makeup would normally just like slide right off your face, and i feel, like you know, the whole face looks good, but we Are here specifically to check on the under eye concealer, so lets go ahead and do that let me look at the concealer and tell you what i think um. Oh my gosh, it looks so good you guys yay im so happy. You know its funny this eye. Always wears not as good as this eye consistent today, but even the not good eye. It still looks like so so good. So lets take a look at it up close and personal. Look at that concealer. Look how super smooth it is like. It is still in place its still covering everything, its not settled in my wrinkles, it isnt giving me like the little shark bites um. You know ive done lots of concealer testing videos in the past and just about every concealer id ever used, including mackie complete, was breaking up and showing darkness at the inner corner by the five hour mark.

No matter what this one is not breaking up and not showing any darkness through at the inner corner at five hours, im so happy with it yeah, i would say when we look at it, super up close that its got some little micro crinkles in it, but Based on the size of my actual wrinkles, the creasing of the concealer isnt bad, like not any way that its making my under eyes look older or you know more wrinkled or cakey or anything. I think this looks really lightweight really smooth. I am very, very happy with it overall so yeah i am digging the lancome concealer. It still feels hydrating. It still feels lightweight it. Hasnt budged it hasnt oxidized, which is awesome. Some of the other concealers that i had liked were really oxidizy and would get much darker during the day, and that was not a good look. My under eyes still look nice and bright, and so all in all, i am very, very happy with this. All right. Hey you guys its late. I am back. It is 11, 30 p.m, 10, and a half hours in this makeup. This concealer lancome tint e doll, ultra wear all over concealer and lets see how it all held up from a distance. My gosh does it look perfect. Yep, i dont see any wearing off. It looks just applied like wow. How is this possible? Ive never had a concealer that held up this well for 10 hours, like i said before, theyre, usually all broken down by five hours tops and thats with a primer.

This one no primer just a little setting powder and wow really good. So if i look at it up super close again little dog fur on my nose, always the dog fur on my nose, its slightly more worn off on this eye than this one. But i wouldnt say that its like worn off in a bad way it doesnt look, wrinkled or creased or cakey doesnt feel dry feels comfortable to wear all day looks smooth. I mean yes, my eyes, look tired because its 11 30 pm, but the concealer is not doing anything to make my eyes look older to make it look cracked, its not settled in my lines, its not settled in my creases, especially those little diagonal lines here, always Get settling there no settling there, this eye its a little bit worn off just the slightest slightest bit, but for 10 and a half hours that little bit of wear is not bad. So i would say that this is pretty darn good stuff, definitely its the best. Concealer ive ever tried, i mean its not just a one day: wear test, ive, worn it three or four days and every day it was great. The only day that this eye wasnt good, is when i didnt set it so definitely set it. It helps to set this one. It looks much better if you set it than if you dont, but you can wear it on set. You just wont get the same 10 hours of wear out of it.

It will wrinkle up a little more. It will wear off a little more if you dont set it its, not super luminous, so you know it doesnt 100 need setting, but i just find that all concealers on me look better if i set them, so i always recommend setting my two favorite under eye Setting powders, if youre thinking of getting one are the honest beauty, blurring powder and the it cosmetics bye, bye, pores. This is so good. I think this is probably hands down the best concealer ive ever tried, i would say, run dont, walk and get yourself. Some of this to try ive included links in the info box to everywhere that you can get it so thats it for todays video. Oh my gosh, thank you lancome for replacing a holy grail concealer with another holy grail of concealer. So i tell you guys this stuff is awesome. I have been so impressed by it every single time, ive used it. I felt like its hydrating. I felt like its smoothing. I felt like the wear is really good um. You know it doesnt make your wrinkles disappear, but no concealer is going to do that. It just looks so good on the skin. You have to try it, so i highly recommend this. I think this is definitely my new holy grail. I know i was using that dior concealer before this. The dior was pretty good, but it doesnt really compare to this one.

This one is really just top notch and my new holy grail so absolutely love it. So if you enjoyed this thorough review of this new concealer go ahead and give it a like and dont forget to subscribe to my channel that helps my channel to grow. So as always, i thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate you watching have a great day and i will see you in the next video take care.