Sometimes i have very sensitive skin im acne prone, so i feel like i have a million things going on at once, and i never really know how my skin is going to be behaving when i wake up in the morning. So i very much flex and choose different products based on that, so this was really hard and there were so many things that i am in love with that. I was really sad to have to exclude, but i had to be cut throat. We had to keep it at 10., so if you are curious to see what my current top 10 skincare favorites are, which is subject to change as i continue to test new things, but at this time that im filming this video, what my top 10 favorites are, Then youve come to the right spot were gon na jump right into that before we do. If youre new here dont forget to subscribe to my channel, if you havent already drop a comment below letting me know what some of your top 10 favorite skincare items are, and i just forgot what i was gon na say: give this video a thumbs up. Thank you so much for doing that. It really helps me out with the youtube algorithm, instagram and tic tac handler right here and my lightroom preset filters for editing. Instagram photos its so disrespectful. My lightroom preset filters for editing. Instagram photos are listed in my description box below, along with other links, discount codes, links to all of these products, time stamps and anything else that you may need from me.

So without further ado lets jump into this video all right, you guys know me. I like to keep my videos organized and for videos like this. I like to talk about things in order of application, so were gon na start off with makeup removal first, which for me, is the first step in my cleansing routine at night to remove makeup and or sunscreen. And surprisingly, this makeup removal and cleanser in total was the most difficult category for me to narrow down, because it totally depends on what i have on my face. I need a very different type of product to remove a full face of makeup foundation – powder mascara, liner – that i do for just tinted sunscreen removal. So i was like. Oh, this is hard, but i went based off of my full face because i would be screwed if i picked something that didnt remove, that you know that was my thought process and for that my absolute favorite makeup remover is actually in micellar water, its the garnier Skin active micellar cleansing water, the one with the blue cap, the pink ones good too, but this one has actually replaced that as my new favorite – and this is the one thats supposed to be able to remove waterproof mascara so honestly, theres nothing in this thats impressive. For the skin are going to be really beneficial for the skin, which doesnt matter to me because im using it to remove my makeup, its not even touching my face like a cleanser, would really just for makeup removal, but its also fragrance free and essential oil free.

So this doesnt irritate my skin whatsoever. The formulation is really nice and lightweight not greasy at all, which is something that i cant stand for a makeup remover, so how i like to use. This is on a microfiber towel like this, this ones from amazon, its nice and plush, and also was very affordable, so ill link it below. I put warm water on this douse it with micellar water, and my makeup just melts right off my face. It is amazing. I love it so much so if youre, somebody that leans oily or just doesnt, really like the feeling of a greasy makeup remover, i dropped it. This duo is gon na, be your best friend and dont. Tell me that this counts as part of my ton products. It doesnt the cleanser that i landed on that i think, is perfect for both morning and night is probably not going to come as a surprise to a lot of you, its the geek and gorgeous jelly joker cleanser. So this is a low ph gentle cleanser, its formulated between a ph of 5 and 5.4 intentionally, so that its not disruptive to the skin barrier or irritating at all. I can genuinely say this has never irritated my skin and with my skin, that is so so sensitive and finicky. That is hard to come by no stinging, no burning. If i do have irritation going on, i can always rely on this, because i know its not going to irritate me further, which is amazing in it of itself, but theres.

So many other things that i love about this, the formulation, its the best formula. I have ever tried for a cleanser if you havent tried it you need to. For that reason alone, it has really nice calming and soothing ingredients like panthenol and delantoin. Hydrating ingredients like sugar molecules, so its just its beautiful all around perfection, couldnt ask for anything more except except it. Doesnt do a good job at removing makeup or if you have a tinted sunscreen. That is a little bit more of a long wear one its. Not the best at breaking that down, they do say that it works to remove water, soluble makeup, but not oil soluble. So if they came out with something that removed makeup better like on top of this, because i dont want them to get rid of this – i would be in heaven all right lets move on to serums and exfoliants, and i personally use different sorts of serums and Exfoliants at different times of day, so lets start off with the ones that i use in the morning time. The first is vitamin c, and the vitamin c serum that i chose is the timeless skincare. Vitamin c serum again, probably wont be a surprise, because ive talked about this so many times i truly have yet to find one that is more impressive than this, especially considering the price point its 18.99. You get one fluid ounce of product which is standard for a vitamin c and its not like its one of those products where its a good product, considering the price, its a good product plus the price, is an added bonus, so it has 20 ascorbic acid, very High amount of ascorbic acids youre going to see, hopefully really beneficial results here versus if you were to use something that was like five percent youre not going to see as impressive results with something like that.

This also has ferulic acid and vitamin e, which are not only going to help to stabilize the ascorbic acid, but also help to boost the photoprotective ability of this formulation, plus it has a pump which helps to protect the ascorbic acid from oxidizing amazing. So many vitamin c serums do not have a pump like that, and it has hyaluronic acid and panthenol so were getting some calming protecting and hydrating there, which makes me not feel like im missing out by skipping a hydrating serum in the morning. So so good would recommend just to anybody and everybody. Looking for a vitamin c serum save your money, some of them are so expensive. This is a real deal. I actually dont use that vitamin c serum every single day, though, because i like to alternate back and forth between vitamin c and alpha hydroxy acids. You definitely can use them on the same day if it doesnt irritate your skin. But for me more often than not, it usually causes some sensitivity, not always, but usually so i just like to play it. Safe use them on alternate days and the exfoliant that i chose for this is the other geeking gorgeous product, its called their smooth out. 12. Aha plus cactus liquid – this has 10 glycolic acid and 2 percent lactic acid. I really like that those were the ahas that they chose for this formulation because theyre definitely the most impressive out of all of the alpha hydroxy acids that exist.

Theres tons citric acid, tartaric acid malic acid. If you want to know more about ahas what they all do for the skin, how they differ, which may be best for you. I will link a video below where i talk all about that its kind of like an aha guide but glycolic acid is definitely the most potent and most impressive for anti aging benefits. Whereas lactic acid is going to be a little bit safer for sensitive skin and is great at helping to hydrate the skin, so if you have dehydration flakiness anything like that, lactic acid is a great ingredient. So i personally love that combination, and i also love that its at 12, because thats something thats going to be more effective than lets say a 5 aha solution. But at the same time, is not so high that i have to worry about excessive irritation. Or i have to worry about not using it too frequently to prevent the irritation and because i use another active at night, that is the most potent out of anything that i own. I do have to be careful with exfoliants and tend to stay away from things that are really really high with ahas. Then at night time i dont use any other acids or active ingredients like that. Well, i do use an active ingredient, well get to it, but thats. Why i make sure that my serums dont have any ingredients like that, because im already using something that checks that box and i feel like a broken record with this.

This is my all time. Favorite holy grail, anti aging serum, i feel like it, has so many incredible ingredients in it its from dermatology its called their needless serum. I use it every single night without fail. Not only does it feel amazing on the skin, but it has incredible ingredients. So some of those include because theres so many i knew i would forget – i wrote them down. Niacinamide hyaluronic acid pea extract bamboo extract matrixyl, 3000 ceramides and vitamin e amongst others as well. So i personally feel like for all the ingredients that you get. This is the best serum that ive found. It is a little bit more expensive than something like the ordinary but im totally fine spending that money, because youre getting additional beneficial ingredients and the formulation is great. So i do have a discount link with dermatology its always in my description boxes of my videos. It gives you 20 off. You obviously dont have to use that if you dont want to, but no extra cost to you just gets you 20 off. All right lets. Move on to moisturizer next, so this was also tricky, because, while this is my number one holy grail moisturizer, i was thinking about the winter and i was like, but im gon na want something thicker and creamier, and in the winter i typically have some sort of Irritation going on with my skin because its so dry here, so i want something for that, but maybe ill do this video again in the winter and well revisit then, but the moisturizer that did make the cut is the vanicream daily facial moisturizer.

This is so so good its basic its not like its cute. I mean it looks like something you would find. I dont know in a doctors office, but who cares? Because i love it great ingredients. It has hyaluronic acid ceramides lepisson, so things that will help to hydrate and replenish help to protect your skin barrier and well, its also, of course, like all of these products, fragrance essential oil and irritant free, but the formula, oh my gosh, i cant even tell you How much i am obsessed with this formulation, its lightweight, but its hydrating and moisturizing enough for me to last all day. Long and ill often use this at night, especially in the summertime, when i dont need something thicker and i wake up fresh and clean im good. My skin soft and smooth – this is just it and it works amazingly well, underneath sunscreens that are a little bit shinier and dewer, and underneath makeup too so, for obvious reasons i had to, i had to all right next lets move on to eye cream. So i love a good eye cream. I know people say its not necessary which to a certain extent i agree with, but if youre like me and prefer a lighter weight moisturizer, something like this is not going to cut it around the eyes, especially at night. Like i need something thick to make sure that the moisture is not going anywhere because the fine lines are already starting to pop.

Unfortunately, so i originally chose this product to use as a nighttime eye cream. I will literally use this until the end of time. As a nighttime eye cream, but its also a multi purpose product, because i can use it on my lips and for skin barrier damage too so its cerave healing ointment – i truly cannot live without this. This is almost gone and i have a huge tub in my bathroom waiting for me and ready to go because you better believe i am not living a single day without this. This has occlusive ingredients in it which are going to help to prevent the skin from trans epidermal water loss. So it has petrolatum mineral oil paraffin and others, but it also has things that are going to help to protect smooth soften and hydrate the skin, which is definitely not always the norm for an ointment like this. So it also has ceramides hyaluronic acid cholesterol. Vitamin e really great ingredients and its just its perfect. This is something that definitely feels very thick and heavy on the skin, but around the eyes on the lips, its like heaven for me. So if you are searching for the perfect ointment, this is for you now lets move on to sunscreen, so obviously im only applying sunscreen in the morning – and i will do that after my moisturizer. So after this and then after i used my exfoliant or my vitamin c technically, i would probably use another eye cream because im not using this in the morning, but im not going to cheat so after this i will go in with sunscreen, and i had to Pick one that was untinted and one that was tinted.

There was no way i could just choose between one of those, so the untinted sunscreen that made the cut for this video is the verdeo uv, moisture gel sunscreen. This is an spf 50. It has a pa rating of plus plus a plus plus and its a combination sunscreen. So it does have a couple filters that you will find in u.s sunscreens its a japanese sunscreen by the way thats, why i say that so it has octanoxate, which is a chemical filter, titanium dioxide, which is a mineral filter, but the other filters you will not Find in us sunscreens and they just theyre superior when it comes to both formulation and protection, so those filters include you ventilate, plus ten absorb s and juvenile t 150. I also like that this does have some other skin loving ingredients thrown in that will hydrate and calm the skin, so it has skull cap root, green tea, moringa extract aloe, glycerin, vitamin e, but thats really not the reason im obsessed with this, because we can find Nice ingredients elsewhere. The reason i am obsessed is because of the formulation. It is so good, so this is incredibly lightweight its liquidy. It feels so nice to apply to the skin soft smooth its non sticky greasy tacky it doesnt streak it doesnt, pull it doesnt pill, its slightly gel, like which, again you guys know, i love and its everything to me. The finish is really nice and natural and radiant, but not in a greasy way.

I did see a couple comments from you guys that felt that this looked greasy on your skin, or maybe it was the essence form of this. But i find that with this and really any asian sunscreen at first they can look really really shiny and its, like. Oh my gosh thats too much, but if you give it just a few minutes to settle into the skin, at least for me, this doesnt look greasy at all and again keep in mind. I do have oily skin, so i love the finish. For that reason, its not something that looks flat and dry it doesnt leave my skin feeling dry. It leaves me looking and feeling hydrated, but in a more natural way, that does not enhance my oils for a tinted sunscreen. This was probably my second most difficult category to narrow down because theres, so many im obsessed with i recently posted a video sharing. Well, has it already gone up if its not itll be up soon, but my top five all time favorite tinted sunscreens, i feel like. I couldnt choose between all of those, because again they do a little bit something different for my skin, but because i forced myself to narrow down. We have one here and its the ulta md uv element sunscreen. This is a mineral sunscreen only so it has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It doesnt have a ton as far as other ingredient highlights, but it does have hyaluronic acid and vitamin e im.

Okay with that, because i have so many other products that go on before this – that have incredible ingredients. So the good thing is that its fragrance and essential oil free – and it actually also does have iron oxides, which is going to provide us additional protection against visible light, so thats why i had to choose a tinted sunscreen too, and if i wanted, you know a Little color little tiny bit of coverage. That is also the benefit of course of one. That is tinted. This is also water resistant up to 40 minutes, and the formulation is great, i would say its more of a lotion than anything, but it kind of has a whipped feel to it or look to it if you will and its not as runny and liquidy and Lightweight as something like this, but its also not heavy or greasy whatsoever, its very easy to blend into the skin also feels very, very nice and soft and moisturizing, but feels lightweight on me once its fully blended in and doesnt feel like. Oh my gosh. This is not gon na work on my oily skin, and on top of that, the finish on me is very natural, its not greasy, not shiny, but its not matte either. So i feel like its just a really nice universal finish and last, but certainly not least, is product number 10, which is tretinoin this its the best thing honestly to ever happen to my skin, and i do not say that lightly, because i have had problem skin.

My entire life Music, nothing has ever done to my skin. What tret? No one has done its truly incredible. So, if youre looking for something that not only helps with acne but is the best thing that youre gon na find for anti aging, smoothing the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles this is it like if i could only pick one serum vitamin c, needless serum exfoliants, All of that one ingredient, even not even a serum one ingredient, it would be this no questions asked i dont even have to think twice. This is all i need. So if you are not currently using tretinoin – and you would like to know more about it or you want tips and tricks on how to start and minimize irritation, because it definitely can be very irritating, i will list some videos below where i talk all about it. The benefits what you can expect, but for those of you that are on it, you already know the drill youre like we got ta move along. I dont want to end this video yet because it doesnt feel complete. I look at these products and i feel so happy about them, like all of these truly make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but at the same time, im also thinking about all the other things in my bathroom that i want sitting out here too. So so many other favorites, so let me know your thoughts in the comments below are any of these products, your favorite.

What are your favorites that i didnt mention? Is there anything you think i desperately need to try if you did enjoy this video, please dont forget to give it a thumbs up. Click on that notification. Bell subscribe to my channel if you havent already and send my channel to a friend. Thank you. So much again for your support, it truly means a lot if you would like to see a part two of this or im trying to think like where i really narrow down product categories. So maybe i could do something like this, for i dont even know anything else that you guys would like to see hair care.