Well, my name is ashish masi youre, of course, watching an auto portal, and this here is the 2021 tata tiago nrg. Now, basically, when you look at this car, youll think that tata motors send the thiago to the gym and it came back all hulked up and youre right, because this car looks a little different. It has a little more attitude, a little more personality than the regular version of the tata hatchback uh. So what is new and what is different on the car well on the outside uh. As soon as you see, the face of the car youll realize that this is in line with the updated 2021 version of the tiago, so you get the new headlamps you get the slightly modified bumper, but thats. Not all you also get a heavily revised insert of plastic around the front area. The fog lamp housing also is much different and, of course, you get a lot of embellishment of chrome all across the face, which gives it a very unique look. A very aggressive personality on the side, these alloy wheels look really cool well, actually, theyre, not alloy wheels youll be fooled into thinking that theyre levels, because the design really is that good theyre basically covers on steel wheels, but they look very sharp and very attractive and The wheels, of course, are over here from the goodyear brand goodyear assurance and you get 15 inch wheels, which is also available on the regular version of the thiago.

Now you also get this huge plastic cladding, and the best point is that the overall ground clearance of this car is better than the regular version of thiago. So if you drive on badly passive roads on bad surfaces, then this will definitely be helpful. Now this special color is only available on the nrg, this of course, fairy red, and you can also choose from three other colors or three new colors, which are gray and white, as well as two other colors on the side profile. If you move on to the side, uh youll see that theres contrasting roof as well. You get a black roof along this color, which gives it a little bit of sportiness and now lets see how this car looks from the back Music. Good boy, as you might be aware by now, is the only expert in terms of spare parts. If you want a spare part for your vehicle, they have it in their list. They have the most extensive spare parts, catalog right from the most affordable small car to the top of the line luxury car – you name the car and they have the spare parts for it. And the best point is that theyre, the spare parts from a host of different component makers and different price segments for the same spare parts. So if you want to buy a cheaper part from a different maker or a more expensive part from a different component maker, they have the option for you.

Well, so lets start with the lower part of this car uh. Now, as you can see, the ground clearance is very good and its 181 mm, which is as good as some other suvs out, theres a really fantastic gravitations. You get fake, diffusers, theres. Of course, no diffuser on this car, but tata motors has given you this design on the lower part of the bumper. To give you a very sporty looking bumper, no diffusers, but yes, it is something which mimics the design of a diffuser again. The bumper here is inserted with black plastic, so it gives it that tough look and, of course you get this energy badging over here and a lot of black as well on the boot lid but thats about it. In terms of the back look, it does look very stylish, a little more muscular than a regular car. You of course get the rear camera over here and to open the boot. You have to press the button and once you open the boot, you get a decent size, but its not the biggest in the segment, its not the class leader, but even then it is quite good and it is quite respectable anyways. This is about the exteriors of the car. What do you think about the looks? What do you think about the color scheme? Do let me, in the comment section below now, lets jump inside and show you the other changes that tata is offering with the nrg Music whats inside the cabin of the thiago energy.

Now the biggest change, of course, is that the cabin is in all black, which makes a little more sporty, but its not completely dark. You, of course, get a nice fabric over here, and the stitching on the fabric really gives a nice appeal as well. The quality also seems to have gone a notch up from the previous version of the car, the last year version of the car, and, of course, now you get digital dial for the display, which really looks very funky, very cool. You can also adjust the steering wheel, but only for rake and not for reach, and you can also adjust the seats for height now. The good part about this car compared to the regular version, is that you get a start, stop button which is not available on the regular version, so thats, something which buyers will appreciate if theyre buying this car and, of course, the uh hermann system over the sound System is one of the best in the business in terms of the sound quality. The sound output really is very good, but surprisingly, the regular tiago comes with automatic climate control, but this one doesnt get that so uh theres a miss and a hit in the car because you get star stop button, but no auto ac uh. The price. For this version, which is the manual version that im sitting in today, is a 6.54 lakh rupees x showroom and if you plan to buy the amt, that is for about seven lakh, zero, nine uh about seven lakh, rupees, seven point: zero, nine lakh, rupees uh ex Showroom but uh again, the pricing is quite good because overall, its a nice place to be seats are very comfortable and the back seat now is also quite good, its not the best in terms of space, but the seat company itself is quite good, even at the Back uh, so before i forget, let me just tell you that the engine on this car is only a petrol theres, no diesel on offer so its a three cylinder 1.

2, which makes about 86 bhp of power, which is again decent and, of course, 130 nm of Torque, which are respectable figures compared to its rivals and its a decent engine in terms of refinement of the power delivery uh. But what you like about this car is the air conditioning with the ac is quite good. Now we havent driven it at the moment. The new car we havent done, but i can say, because we kept the older version of the kind of long term fleet, that it is quite a good car. If you want to check out my review of the older version of the car, you can hit the link in the description box below anyways guys that was my nice haul, video about the tata tiago nrg.