Oh my god, hi guys welcome back to my channel. I hope everyone is doing good so for todays video, its so funny, because i actually forgot that i purchased these. I purchased these two pound lipsticks last year and um yeah theyve just been sitting in the box, basically because i was supposed to film this video last year, but anyway we are here. We are ready. The lipstick is still here, its present okay, so we are going to test it, so the lipsticks that im going to be testing, so i got them from beauty bay and they are by wet and wild. So, like i said, these lipsticks were only two pounds um. I have done other videos like this ive done. Uh one pound 50 lipsticks and ive also done three pound lipsticks, so weve got an in between with these ones, so were gon na see how they look, how they swatch how they feel on the lips. Im gon na be basically giving you the lowdown on whether these are quality or not so lets jump straight into the video okay. So i dont have anything on my lips. I had a bit of comics but nothing on the lips, so lets begin im trying to think which all right you know what im gon na put them back in the bag and basically im just gon na pick at random. Okay, so lets have a look. Lets open this okay, so this is what the packaging looks, like, obviously it says wet and wild on it, and this color is in the.

This is in the shade, breeze breeze ocean breeze, and this is what the color looks like if you hear banging. In the background um my neighbors getting some well, not my actual neighbor but someones getting work done outside yeah and theyre, making a lot of noise. So, okay! So these lipsticks, they are a silk finish, lipstick, so theyre, not matte um, and this one breeze its described as a soft beige nude. So lets pop this on the lips and see what its looking like. Should i put lip liner, no well leave the lip liner for now and see what happens feels good feels quite soft. One thing i will say that is a little bit annoying its probably not that big a deal to like other people, but to me im like so as you can see, the lid is a certain shape, so it goes a bit more rounded at the front and When you put the lid on it has to be in that shape, otherwise you cant close it which, to me im just like why dont you just make it the same shape all the way around. It would just make it easier, just my opinion um, but yeah anyway, so this is what it looks like and you know what i actually really like it. I think this is a really nice just like day to day, day to day, like nude lipstick. So if you dont want to, you know, be like over the top of your lip, this is just a really nice, just like silky shimmery lipstick to go for.

As you can see. I actually really really like this and, as you know, what, when i it doesnt have a weird scent, it just smells like lipstick um. When i first opened it. I did think to myself this lipstick kind of reminds me of um the lipsticks that i would find in my grandmas house like 20 years ago, when i was going through her stuff. Basically like this is the kind of lipstick that i envisioned my granny wearing to touch like looking at it in the actual packaging, but on the lip, i think it looks really really nice. Oh, my gosh im actually pleasantly surprised. I didnt think i was gon na like this. Oh okay! No! I actually really really like this okay. So let me get my wipes and wipe this bad boy off comes off easily, obviously its a silk lipstick, so it should, and then i just like to dab to make sure that none of my makeup has disappeared around my mouth. Okay. So so far so good, that is breeze. So let me throw that over Music Applause there, oh lord, oh lord, why do they make lipstick so difficult to open like whoa? Okay, so this color is called just garnet. I dont know what that means. Just learn it and, as you can see its this kind of like ready, ready kind of color i cant lie. This kind of red to me looks quite cheap. I dont know why, but it does lets see what its described as on the website.

Okay, this is descript. Oh, this is described as a dark, reddish pink. Okay, do you know what that does actually make sense? Um yeah lets pop it on and see see where i want. I dont like it already yeah. I knew that i definitely was not going to like this um its this like weird its red, but you can see its got like little shimmers of pink in it and, like i said i feel like it just looks quite cheap. It looks like the lipsticks that, like i dont know, you would give like a child to like play with it. Doesnt look like its of good quality and i think its because of the color, and i think its because of the um, the texture of it as well. The fact that its like a silk lipstick, i dont, know why. But silk lipsticks just make me feel it gives me like old school old school vibes im, not really sure why but yeah with this little shimmer of pink that its got going on its a no from me. This one is not nice, so just gone, it just go. Basically: okay, just go! Oh its just so ugly yuck lets move on Applause. Music! Oh lets open this bad boy up. So this oh about to say if it was broken there we go. So this, as you can see, is a really nice like purple, and this is called fuchsia with blue pearl, so yeah its got a hint of like blue in it.

Basically, so lets see what its described as on the website. This is described. What this is described as a blue toned, pink. Okay, the only thing is these dont lock, like you know some lipsticks, you can put it up like a little bit and then itll stay there, put it up a little bit and itll stay there. This one is just like if you understand what that means, because i dont even know what that means. Okay lets pop this blue toned pink on. Oh no, oh! No! This is definitely giving me auntie going to church vibes. I feel like its not showing up on the camera properly, but in my mirror this looks very blue, like very blue, its definitely auntie going to church vibes, but i feel like it looks. I dont know. Why do i like it? Why do i like it? This is so just like auntie chic. Hmm, i feel like this would look good in like an editorial shoot. I dont know why. I just think that, but um yeah it it look honestly guys. It looks really really blue, but you guys just cant see it and its making me sad hold on. Let me zoom in oh, you can see it a little bit. No, why do i like it? Please makes no sense theres something about it that i do actually really like, and i cant put my finger on it, but its not that bad its, not that bad.

No, i feel like this is staining my lip. You see that, like its not coming off right lets move on, we have blushing blushing barley. I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Okay, lets open this one up, okay, so this is what blushing barley looks like blushing, barley and lets see what its described as so. This is described as a coral toned pink so like an orangey, pinky kind of color, so lets pop this on yeah. I cant really explain why, but i just feel like it looks: weird um. Okay, maybe i was over exaggerating im a bit of a drama queen. Sometimes it doesnt look that bad again. This is just a very like toned down everyday kind of vibe everyday kind of lipstick, where you dont want to be like over the top, but saying that i feel like with the fact that its got a bit of shimmer in it. I feel like this would look really good as a topper for a um, a matte lipstick, for example, but um yeah again like i said these are silk lipsticks, so obviously they are supposed to look like this theyre not supposed to be like matte, basically yeah. I think it looks okay. I dont know whether i would wear this all the time, but i mean two pounds. Would you wear it? Oh no. I feel like i like it now like really really like it im such an idiot. Okay lets move on so, as you can see, my lips are going through the walls right now and look very, very red, so these lipsticks are somewhat staining my lips.

Okay, what have we got? Next? Oh im, not supposed to look so Applause. I thought im getting all the same: colors no im not doing that one. Yet Applause! I got it again. No im just going to pick this one lets switch it up a bit. Shall we so this ones called whats up duck and uh? How come that? One opened so perfectly and then the rest of them are just stressing me out: okay, so whats up duck, who used to say that whats up doug whats up duck some cartoon okay. So this is described as a bright cherry red right lips are so tender right. Now so tender and crispy okay lets put this on. I feel like this is going to look dead. My lips are so dry. Sometimes my lips, really stress me out, like sometimes lipstick, just doesnt apply to them properly and im like why just do as youre told lets discuss whats up duck duck whats up doc, whats up mag. Okay, so, as you can see, it was described as a bright cherry was it described as bright cherry red. I would say that this is definitely not a cherry red with a light detector test determined. That was a lie. I dont know where they got red from this is definitely not red. I think, because my lips are so dry, it wasnt applying properly, so my bad with my dry lips. However, i do think that this looks really really good and i think this might actually be my favorite color.

Yes, whats up doc, youre youre winning right now you are winning. I just feel like the color is really really nice. It suits my skin tone, its not over the top yeah, its just really really nice, like its just nice. It doesnt feel as silky as it did. The other ones did, but i think that is genuinely because my lips are dry from where ive been like. You know wiping off my whole existence with this flipping wipe so yeah thats. Probably why? No, i actually really like this guys. Are you seeing this? Oh, it looks so good and obviously the fact that this was two pounds were not expecting. You know magic were not expecting the world, but it looks really really good. This is such a lovely color, definitely not cherry red, but all in all a really really nice color. I really really like this one – oh my god, okay, so just a heads up. These definitely do stain your lips lets. Put some comics back on. All i need in life is my comics. Okay lets go to the next one. Now this one is called dark wine dark wine, okay um! This is what dark wine looks like it. Doesnt look as shimmery as the other ones, which is quite interesting: okay, okay, its described as a deep red, so yeah, i would say deep red moving into you know the brown section brown but um yeah lets pop this one on.

I definitely still have loads of lipstick still on my lips. This is not coming off. Okay, dog wine, dog wine. All i need in this lifetime. Dark wine guys, hello! Are you seeing this dark wine? Okay? So i really like this one and i think the main reason why i like it is because its not as shimmery okay, its not as shimmery as the other little churchy vibes that we had going on over there. This is literally a lipstick that i know that i would get a lot of wear out of this is really really nice. It feels really soft on the lips, but i dont know whether thats, because you know i just went in with the car mix, but all in all this feels really good. This looks really good and i think, because of the um because of the color, firstly, and because of the fact that theres less shimmer, i feel like it, doesnt look as cheap, so yeah. This is definitely the one that you want to get if you dont want all that shimmer shimmer shimmy, shimmy, yaya stuff that was going on with the other ones. Basically, i like it, i like it a lot. Okay right lets. Take this one off little hack for you, if youre ever wiping off your lipstick to like reapply it or you just want to wipe it off, and you feel like your makeup, has like gone funny around your mouth. Just get your powder brush dont put any product on it, but just use that and that will help to.

I dont know what it does, but it just makes it look normal again. Basically, i dont know why it just does dark wine youre good, so lets move on to dark, pink, frost, ugh again with the shimmers hes, giving me church vibes. This is giving me cheap. You know cheap um, lipsticks that you buy from the chemist, so this yeah. This is definitely frosty. Look at that frosty, the flipping snowman um. So this one dark, pink frost is described as a dusty, pink thirsty. What did they say on that show? Because you look dusty, okay lets try out dark, pink frost. No, this is cute, oh my god. Oh my god. That is so funny, because, literally when i saw this one, i was like you yeah me and you were gon na, have beef, but look at it. This is really really nice. Oh my gosh im, no im, actually gobsmacked im, actually shocked. Lets zoom in this definitely is a lipstick, topper. Okay, it looks good by itself, but i feel like this will really come to life on top of another lipstick. But this is really nice. Im really surprised honestly, im shocked, i never spelled it no seriously. This is proper nice, okay, that pink first, that pink fluster see you. This actually looks really really good im impressed. I must say i am impressed no thats, probably cute man propheting them. Next up. We have oh, oh it was this one that i was scared of.

Not the last one, this is pink ice Applause. What in the lipstick for five year olds? Is this look at it so ugly? Okay, so this is described as um? Oh, was it called again pink sign, pink ice light rose pink. That is what its described as no youre just ugly. Oh, my god. This is giving me barbie hi, im barbie, i like it. Why do i always like the ones that i was cutting at the start? Actually, no im lying. I dont really like it. Oh, i dont know again, i feel like this would look good as a lipstick topper, not necessarily just a lipstick by itself. I dont know its giving me again its giving me cheap vibes because of that like weird shimmer, that its got going on its not like a nice one like the one before this does just look very, very cheap, but this on top of a matte pink lipstick. I think it could work. I think it could work. Look how stained stained up boy. My lips are literally red okay, so we are on to the last one now, thank god, because my lips need a break and they need to go eat their lunch. They need to go. You know, have some coffee, they are tired, okay, so the last one is called blind date. Remember that with um? Oh, what did they say at the beginning, your host missella black? No, i werent expecting this.

Oh my god! I was not expecting this okay blind date lets see what youre described as okay. This is the this is described as a deep pink, and that was a lie. Who are you lying to to me? This looks brown and brown to you. Look around me. Im done with the descriptions on the website, because this is anyway lets put this last one on see what it looks like didnt. We already try this one on with the other one. It looks the same. This happens in all our lipstick videos, theres, always two that basically just look the same, so this one looks the same as so: dark wine and blind date. Basically look the same and thats dark one. Okay, so lets talk about blind date now, um again, it doesnt really have that like shimmer to it like the other ones, and this is what did they describe it as a dark, pink, a deep pink to me this is not pink. I would say that this is a like a dark red like dark red red brown, bran yeah. I just feel like its not pink at all. It doesnt have any pink hints to it, or i dont know, but thats what they described it as anyway, um yeah its okay im, not loving it im, not you know about to go and do some flipping somersaults about it ill tell you that, but it looks. Okay and again for two pounds: we werent expecting the world we werent expecting too much, but this this is okay for two quid.

This is okay, its funny, because i feel like this makes me look grown. I feel like i look like a mum of four like ive been married for, like 20 years, ive got four kids. The eldest is about to go to uni. That is look like. Oh my gosh yeah. This definitely makes me look older than what i actually am im 13 by the way um but yeah its okay. I dont think i would wear this out on a day to day basis, but its okay, its too bounce. Okay, then guys. So that is the end of the video that is the end of all these swatches so did wet and while do their thing with these two pound lipsticks, let me know what you think in the comments down below um. I would say that it was very much like hit and miss some of them were nice. Some of them were not that nice. Some of them were okay, and, to be honest, i feel like the majority of the shimmer ones, could just be lipstick, toppers for other lipsticks, but, like i said for two pounds, they kind of do what they need to do and thats all. I can say really but um yeah guys if you did enjoy this video, then please make sure to give me a thumbs up. Dont forget to subscribe to my channel as well guys so that you dont miss any of my forthcoming videos.