You know why do i not talk about certain products on my channel that are here theyre my makeup, theyre things that i love sometimes things that maybe im trying to do and for one reason or another i just havent talked about them. So i wanted to show you those, but i wanted to make sure i told you why i havent talked about them too. Some of them are just being overlooked, so lets get into it. Lets start with one that i actually really love this product. This is the molten globe, Music body glow from makeup revolution. This one was sent to me and i do like this a lot, but this product is one that i guess i feel like. Not all of you would love. Not all of you want to beam and glow on your shoulders or wherever look at it, its just its so pretty, but not necessarily, everybody wants that kind of a glow, and i dont know why i havent spoken about it before it does leave a fairly natural Glow on your skin, but its for the body, so maybe thats why i havent talked about it because i mainly focus on the face, so i havent really talked about it before, but look how pretty that glow is? You could put a little bit right here on your decollete too, just right there on you, maybe your collarbone to bring a little bit of light there, its just real, pretty i like it a lot and ive been using it a lot.

I just have never talked about it, so i pulled it out and im like that. Probably should go in that video, so its pretty it. I will warn you that it does feel a little bit um a little bit, not really greasy. I shouldnt say that its kind of slippery, so i do feel like it probably has some dimethicone in it. It does set down okay and it doesnt really show up texture its just that natural, pretty glow. So im gon na tell my camera down, so you can see theres the glow on the shoulders and then theres the glow right there on the decollete kind of pretty. I think its. I like it. I like it a lot. I do definitely feel like its something that i probably should have talked about. More all right next product is one from charlotte tilbury actually theres several here from charlotte tilbury, and this is one that i, its okay, its uh theyre, her highlighter or her glow palette. Um glowgasm face palette, this is lightgasm, and so you have a couple well, three highlighters, and then you have like a bronzing color, its all right, its i dont know im, not somebody that really feels like this is a huge have to go, get it and ill. Tell you why? Because these three colors right here, even though theyre pretty and i like them – i just dont feel like for the price that this was worth it.

So i kept this to try and dupe and im still after a dupe, still looking around charlotte tilbury. I feel like is a very over hyped brand, her and pat mcgrath and natasha dona da nona. I do feel like theyre very over hyped. You know im always looking for a bargain, so when i do find a dupe for this thats gon na definitely be one that i show this is another makeup revolution product. I did purchase this one myself. This is the ultimate nudes light palette. Then theyre trying to dupe the uh huda beauty – and i do like this ive – been one of those people that really swore off of makeup revolutions eyeshadow formula because it just got to where it wasnt very good. But this one it kind of redeems itself, with i kind of like this one. I, like the peach colors in here, theyre very pretty. The mattes are pretty and then im putting that on top of the charlotte tilbury that doesnt help you does it and then the metallics are pretty too. What i do like about this. A lot is its subtle and i have been in the spring this summer. I really lightened up my makeup this year and i loved that this was coral, mauve theme, so i can wear corals pretty easily and i like the mobs in here as well. I did like this one a lot um, i dont know why i havent shown it other than you guys saw how many palettes i have in my palette declutter, and i just have too many to get around to, and this one was stuck in my purse.

So i did want to show it, though its i do like it its one of those ones that i think is really good. Okay. Number. Four number: four: is this spray from milani? This is the supercharged uh revitalizing face mist, facial mist this one. I use um like to refresh my face when im not wearing makeup through the day ill use it to um kind of go over my makeup as well. Its ive got a fan on so this is like spraying in my face its not a problem that is spraying my face, its actually quite light. If you do feel like your face, gets super dry during the day you might try face facial mist like this. This one, i believe, has vitamin c in it, which is really nice ingredient in there, and i feel, like it kind of, gives me a little bit of extra moisture. I feel like that fresh burst in your face really kind of does help wake you up for the day and i dont know if it has a fragrance. Let me spray a little bit in my hand and find out it does have a citrusy fragrance. Now that i sprayed it really concentrated, but when i sprayed it out like that, i couldnt smell that just so you know it, but super refreshing dura during the day and again. Dont know why i havent talked about it before in my channel and then another product from milani that i dont talk about.

Dont know why, but they came out with these not very long ago, and i need my glasses. So i can tell you exactly what its called it is called the gilded shadow stick and the one that i have does not have a name on it ill. Make sure that i list it for you. This color stays on so well. If you have eyelids that you know your eyeshadow really wears off of this is going to be on all day once it sets down, and i love that about it – you can see how light reflecting it is right there and i really didnt couldnt, make a mistake With this meaning, i kind of put it on maybe a little bit heavy handed. I can even put it on right now and just put it right here in the corner of my eyes, a little bit more ive got so much in the corner of my eyes. Today, but it wont, feel cakey and its going to dry down and its going to be a really nice shadow. I really hope that they decide to do some of these in matte, colors and whatnot, because i think that the formula is really good of them. Its super long wearing and i would love to see some in a brown or a khaki or those colors you can just brush across or or draw on, and then you know blend out with your finger one and done type thing.

The other thing is, you do have about 15 to 30 seconds to work with it before it sets down so its just really nice product really like that from milani the next one i keep again for dupable purposes, and that is the two foundations from charlotte tilbury. Uh, the airbrushed and the magic im not crazy about either one of these, but these are so many people holy peoples holy grail that i hang on to them now. I did get them in too fair of a color for me, but i still feel like both of these foundations show up a little bit too cakey on my mature skin. I hold on to them because i spent so much money on them. I probably will end up decluttering them fairly soon, but i did spend a lot of money on them, so i keep trying to make them work. I put them in with some other foundations and you trying to use them up a little bit, but i honestly do not see what the hype is about either of these i feel like they are full coverage both of them but yeah. I just dont think that these are foundations that anybody needs to run out and spend that super high price on, because i just didnt feel like they performed the way that everybody was hyping them up to be another one. That i love is from wonder to cosmetics. Wonder two came out with the wonder: brow.

You remember that about 10 12 years ago they actually came out with that brow product that would stay on for 24 or longer hours. I love their products. They do send me pr. However, i bought this one. They send me pr now, but these i bought because i loved one that they sent me in black, and i used it all the way up. This one, i think, is in a navy color. These eyeliners are so budge proof. They are amazing. You can put this in your waterline and have it there for several hours, which i normally cant on any of my eyeliners have more than about two to three hours. These stay on longer than that, but boy, if you want to put this on the rest of your eyes, look at that. How fast that dried down! I cant even really even, but you know, smudge that out so work with it quickly. But if you do want to smudge it put it on and then go ahead and smudge it right away and it will smudge out and theyre beautiful and youre going to have those there all day long. I love these um again, im always trying to find a dupe for things that are a little bit more expensive, but sometimes when you find a product, you really love, you just pay the price for it, because you know that it performs better than anything else, and I do love this. I have no idea why i havent shown this on my channel.

I need to. I need to show these more. I think i have a brown one somewhere as well. Theyre just really good, and i really love them a lot so kvd beauty. I got this, i dont remember actually, where i got this, i think it was in a boxy charm. Maybe it wasnt in boxing term i dont remember i dont do boxycharm anymore, so i dont know how long ive had this, but ive had it for a long time. This is their everlasting blush and it is in rosebud. First of all, i love their packaging. This is such pretty packaging, and i love this blush because it is the most beautiful flush of rose, but its very, very muted and im going to put this on my other hand, so you can see it super soft and buttery. When i put my finger in there super saturated, i think their blushes are so good. This is a blush formula that i would recommend all day, long, just look how saturated that is, but it will sheer out. So you know you dont have to have that much on, but its so beautiful and it hugs the cheeks all day long melts into your other makeup. You have it on its, so pretty im gon na just try that on just a teeny tiny bit for you. This is just a big fan brush that i have and look how pretty. That was crazy because i just put too much blush on but thats, okay, i wanted you to see the color of it its just so beautiful.

I will have to buff this side out. So pretty that blush is just a gorgeous color of blush, and you know a really good high end blush that lasts a long time in the pan. I dont mind you know picking those up and the other thing is again im always trying to dupe. For you guys, so we have two more products to go. The first one i want to show you is the bobbi brown highlighter in pink glow. Have any of you just happened to find this? I think i found this at marshalls, but wow. This is so stinking pretty. This is a beautiful highlighter super glowy super bright. Definitely i put this on under my blush to kind of diffuse it, but if you like, highlighter um and you dont want any texture and youve been looking for one that you just think is wow wow wow. This is a wow wow. I just i love this highlighter. I think its one of those ones that you know they did in the beginning of highlighters, and you know, bobby brown, just came was really innovative and she came right out with something like this. This is beautiful and its really kind of a stiff formula, so youre not going to get too much on. If you are a woman that has more mature skin and you dont want to show a lot of texture, and you just really want to keep your highlighter in a very small area, this is a really good one, because you can be really strategic blend.

It out. Really well or you can go, really high beam if you want to gorgeous formula gorgeous packaging. I love that one sometimes high end makeup is worth it all right. My last product were going back to the drugstore, because you know i love drugstore. Now i havent shown this because, right after i got this, i stopped using concealers all together, but what ive been doing is ive actually been using this born to glow concealer all over on quick days. You know like if im in the car – and i dont have a foundation, this one is thin enough. This concealer is thin enough that it acts like a foundation. Now i showed you a video where you can do that as well, where you just use all over your face. Concealer, instead of a foundation, you get a little bit more coverage and you get it a little bit quicker. Everything, you know, works a little bit quicker, but i have been using this all the time for my all, all over foundation and underneath my eyes, and i like it very much. It has that same applicator as the maybelline instant age rewind, and i really like im just running out of hands here. I love how light this is, and yet it covers so well with that little bit of glow a little tiny bit of that glow um light. I should say its light. I dont, like anything glowy underneath my eyes, because whats going to happen, then, is youre going to see all that texture and my fine lines, but this one its already setting down it.

Just sets down just to a beautiful finish, very soft, and it just gives a little bit of light. So if you are somebody that still likes your concealer, but you cant find a concealer. You like try this one or, if youre somebody that has just been looking for something thats smaller you can throw in your purse on the go and have it as a foundation. Slash concealer this one is great too. I had lipstick on my teeth and i probably had lipstick on my teeth for most of this stupid video, so im gon na im gon na stop, because that was embarrassing, but i got it off. So if there are products in your stash that you dont find that are talked about very much on youtube, but you love them or maybe theyre very high end products, but you feel like theyre, a really good value, maybe their drugstore and theyre never talked about. Whatever tell me in the comment section sound off down below because id love to know about those products, let me know what you think about this video today, because i have a whole bin full of more products. That came out of my stash that i just dont talk about on my channel for one reason or another. So if this video was very interesting to you, let me know that in the comment section too, i love you very much and i appreciate all your support. Please take care of yourselves and i hopefully will catch you in my very next video goodbye.