Now the whole intro im about over it. These are gon na, be my intros. Now, whatever i come on here and say, i wanted to quickly its gon na be a quick video. Every time i said its gon na be a quick video, its never quick, but this ones going to be quick. I wanted to come over here and share with you guys a few products that i have been loving for my hair, isaiahs, hair or darrens hair, its just a few you guys, because i, oh my product stash, is running low. I really want to buy new hair products. I want to try new brands and things out. So if you have something that you love something thats, not mass market as well, i wont like the stuff that aint nobodys talking about thats, not in the stores good stuff, like that im eager for just new moisturizing products, just new products for my type 4 hair. Okay, thats pretty much where were at first things. First, is what i have been loving lately that i didnt think i would love as much is this blow dryer it was dirty. I highly recommend it its different. She is different and i recommend it more so and im talking about not just for like with my wigs and stuff blow dry, the blow dryer when it comes to putting on the wig im told for my natural hair. This has made a difference with my natural hair.

Lately when it comes to styles, ive been preferring to stretch my hair with heat. I always wait the next day to blow dry, so my hair is typically um dry by then i just plant it you know put in like four or five six. I dont know how many different braids and then the next day i unravel those and then i will go ahead and blow dry and stretch it, and then i get to braiding my hair cornrowing, whatever im going to do, but this will blow dry with this attachment. I would im gon na go up close its a little dirty yall, but it is what it is. This attachment is everything i was nervous at first. I was like this gon na rip, my hair out so ill be honest. I you know darrens hair. I was like ima test him out. First, a couple times and im see how i like it. It did just fine with his hair and ive been using on mine, and it just makes things so much better. Now i still like my like blow dryer brush, but you know the bristles on that are a little iffy. It could be pulling out your hair, you never know you got ta hold it at a certain angle and its just. You know its a little science behind it. I still like it and its like way way less than this thing, because this is some hundreds of dollars you need like after pain, okay.

Well, i do im not as rich as yall, but you put this all after pay. You know im talking about um to get this dyson, but i think it is so worth it and i dont know what scientific reason behind why this blow dryer so great. I dont know: yall science was not a very strong subject of mine, neither was math, so i dont know what they do with the ions and all that kind of stuff. But i do know my hair feels much softer after i use it compared to like any other blow dryer its not hard and crunchy. None of that kind of stuff – and i freaking love it with this comb attachment so get it treat yourself thats. All i got to go along with blow drying. Is this little bottle, because i wanted to try it out first, but i have this kenra, the platinum blow dry spray and its you know its a thermal protectant to heat protectant, and i really like it. I typically use my this one right here: ive been buying this for years, the silk elements, one and its – not that i dont, i dont hate it, but i like this one as well, so this is just another alternative, its another option. Um i picked mine like this little bottle up from ulta and its like, not quite double the price of this one, but i think this is what eight or nine dollars from sally they get this big bottle and this one from kenra was 12.

. Sometimes we wont and we like what we like, no matter how expensive it is, and this is one of those products i think i will keep picking up and my hair feels incredible after using this, so i highly recommend it next, let me throw in what ive Been using for isaiahs hair, i dont have it with me, because i ran out okay, so i do have something for his head that i use that i want to mention to you guys, but the first thing the most important that i want to mention is this Cream its called uncle jimmys curl kicker its on amazon, its 13 on amazon i havent, went through. I dont know how many of these nothing seems to work as great as this product for his 4c hair texture. His hair is thick. It is. It gets super dry as well, hes been in the pool, hes out hes, just everything, and this curl kicker from amazon is amazing with moisture. I used that and then i use this napping cream paste on top of it. So i spray with water. I use a little bit of moisturizer the uncle jimmys and then i put a really good amount im, not shy with this stuff. I put a really good amount of the nappy styles napping cream paste on top and i used his sponge and my baby. Looking cute yall know how cute my baby is dont play with me. That is such a good combination for his hair.

It gives lots of shine lots of moisture and theyre two very inexpensive products as well, the cream paste and the uncle jimmys. I always order two at a time because i go through them, so i just go through it a lot i go through the line. You know i keep my baby looking cute, i dont like him, be looking hair all dry and all that no, we dont, we dont do that in my house, so i highly recommend those if you have um boys at home, your husband or even if its yourself And youre wearing a twa or something like that, and you need a really good like really good product for that style. Highly recommend, though i have talked about these, not as much as i need to im going to hype them up like right now like right now, but theyre, the gummy gels. Nobody told me about these. How long have i been an amazon prime member? I dont know like 10 years. How long have i been on youtube? How long have i been on instagram? No, nobody talked about this. Nobody talked about this gel and i dont know why not order three of them. Okay, because i was like we just dont, try them out. I have the hard finish, the blue one, and then i have the gloss extra hole, which is a pink one and then the red one is something else. I think we just finished that one um the red one but uh freaking amazing they were like eight or nine dollars a piece, but the hold on these gels is amazing.

When i tell you at this point, i can honestly say for me: in my family there is no white cast no white cast and then i did have. I did get this gummy hair gel maximum hold. So this is not a edge control, but you can use it as one depending on how well your you know, edges lay for me. This doesnt hold as an edge control. For me. I need something a little bit harder than that um, but i use this for darrens hair for when im just coiling it and i think, if you do wash and goes if you are a wash and go girl. I think you would really really like this. I say give it a try. I dont think this was. I think this was along the same price, so maybe like ten dollars or something like that, but i just used this for the first time on his hair a few days ago, probably worked in about five sections in his hair raked it all through and his curls Immediately curled the hold was awesome. There was no white cast or anything as well with this gel. So if you do wash and go or just need a really good gel for styles, i dont know yall know i dont mess with my natural hair that much um. I say pick this up and try this out as well, so that whole gummy line is like. Let me hurry up and buy some before i put this video up before yall trying to take them off, but im telling you i i i love them.

I i love them so very quickly. I want to talk to you guys about edge brushes. I know its not like a topic of conversation which i dont know why not, because brushes and cones and tools that you use on your hair are super super important. I have four of these four of them um. Are they even edge brushes? They have this like this dirty dont, dont judge me we dont judge on my channel, so this has like the little curve right here for the comb and then the brush is pretty dense. Um, depending on what pack you get you can get them in like a three pack or you can find them at your beauty supply store in singles. The three pack comes in different. I dont know what to call them, but the bristles are either soft, medium or hard. But my favorite is this little comb because the cones on these other yall, these other freaking, i cant, find one because i probably threw them all the way um edge. Brushes are horrible, they hurt theyre super plasticky, its like freaking, clawing at your scalp, its like taking your edges out its. They are the worst like the absolute worst, and these have been my friends. I have been loving these. I highly recommend these as well. You can get four of these to a pack from amazon too, or you could just buy them at your local beauty supply store because back at home they hadnt met mine.

So i would just get a couple there now im in stanford, dont know where the heck you go and then i do want to just quickly throw in two products. I recently went back to these products because, while we were while i was packing up back at home, i was like i need to use this stuff before i go and buy some more stuff. So i was like oh, my almond j twisting butter from camille rose and then my brown buttermilk these two okay, these two for me lately, like after washing my hair, have been amazing. They make my hair so soft they hold really well, and then i may put like a little bit of jojoba oil on top of it. I also use this on my scalp. My oil mix mixture is just jojoba oil and jamaican black, castor oil thats. Really all i use on my scalp um, but these two have been really good. The scent on this one is pretty strong, so just putting that out there, but these are not new products. Either theyve been out for forever, so you should be able to find them without a problem that is pretty much it. You guys, i dont have anything else to talk about at the moment. So, like i said, give me some products give me some companies. You guys think i should try um. I will put all the links to everything down below in the description box just in case you are interested and yeah.

Thank you guys. So much for watching dont forget to hit that subscribe button, because we are almost at 200 thousand anyways yeah.