NEW Pond's Jelly Moisturizer (Watermelon, Orange, & Aloe Vera) REVIEW | PHILIPPINES
So it has a hundred percent natural origin extract, a hundred percent alcohol, free, paraben, free and dermatologically tested, so its an oil free, gel moisturizer enriched with 100 natural origin, watermelon extract for smooth and glowing skin for a day, freshen and prep skin before using makeup, and For a night use as a mask for smooth supple skin, so its used by citrine gel cleanser, so it is retailed for 199 pesos and you got 50 grams, so here its pressure, storage to store away from direct sunlight and heat and after three years, spa expiration 2024 for the ingredients guys, so here you are nachos or the watermelon food extract, scientific name, yeah, Music and by the way, its two oclock in the morning – and i am in the midst of my break time, so work Music Music. So this one retails for 199 pesos, one hundred ninety nine five on the whole hold on 169 Music, Music, color white papaya, cream Music, it doesnt it did not work on my skin so by the way: toner, Music, Music, Music, okay, so im going to get Music Color, pink, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, Music, Music, apples, Music, Music, Music, Music, hi guys good evening, so its a 7 43 in the evening – and i am afraid today is august 4 and 29 nectar. Okay, so im gon na open this, so you so eat the watermelon Music oil guys and for this for the orange you can flash call it guys.

You uh Music, Music, new Music, Music; okay, Music is Music Music, okay, Music, hi, guys nah jelly moisturizers aloe vera variant, so i feel excited because Music day, freshen and prep skin before using makeup, smoothens pores and gives glowing glass, skin Music, it Music im just gon Na uh spread it on my face: Music, Music, foreign Music primer, not modifying primer but estella gon na new performance knitting moisturizer in at all makeup: Music, Music, Music. Okay, so i think foreign, another video all right, guys, final verdict. I ready to set up long jelly, moisturizer, Music, Music, Music, Music, 250 pesos organics at 169 pesos for 50 grams Music price per gram. Mahalo. Thank you so much guys for watching. So i hope that you will try atom fans. Jelly moisturizer, youtube Music. Thank you.